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San Francisco office address change

Good morning! Effective immediately, we have a new address for our San Francisco office. Please be sure to start sending any correspondence AND ALL FILINGS FOR SAN FRANCISCO, ALAMEDA, AND MARIN to: Zook Search, Inc 201 13th Street #32137 Oakland, CA 94604 We will be checking for mail at The old address on Market Street […]

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Los Angeles office moving

Our Los Angeles office has moved to a new Suite in the same complex over the weekend.  Our new address is: 12712 Bloomfield Ave.  Suite 162 Norwalk, CA 90650 We are still right across the street from the clerk.  

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Hurricane Sandy update

Here in our NY office, we are fortunate to have gotten through the worst of Hurricane Sandy, we are all safe and with power. All New York City, State & Federal courts are closed. The public transportation system is closed but reports say that buses may be close to running at full capacity sometime Thursday. […]

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The “Case” for Searching the Clerk’s Database

The clerk’s database, at the county offices, indexes cases that cannot be found by searching E-Courts alone to search for records in Supreme Court or Lower Civil Court. The E-Courts website enables users to search Supreme Court or Lower Civil records. A search conducted on E-Courts Supreme Civil may not reflect all cases on record […]

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The Kings County Tickler books will be relocated to Queens County Register office the week of December 5th. Because this will require labeling the books, wrapping/box for transporting, and then unpacking and placing on the shelves in the new location,  it will require several days to complete the relocation. The books will not be available to […]

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The L&T clerk is in the process of archiving all cases from 2007. These cases cannot be ordered until the transfer of these cases is completed. The clerk stated that these cases can be ordered from archives next week or the following week.

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NY UCC and Property Filings

The NY City Register offices are currently rearranging staff across the counties and reallocating staff to different departments and giving new responsibilities. Although there should not be any delays in recording documents without issues, there may be delays in dealing with rejected documents. We will continue to do our best to fix problem documents as […]

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New York Weather

02/02/11 – So the weather in NY is once again showing us whose boss, today there is snow, sleet, freezing rain and now just plain old rain. Since our post-Christmas blizzard of 2010 we have had record snow fall making January 2011 the reigning champion for snow fall in any January since records have been […]

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