San Francisco office *NEW* new address

After our previous mail service went out of business we were recently forced to changed our mailing address for our San Francisco office. We obtained a ‘special business mailbox’ at the USPS believing that this would be a reliable option. Unfortunately, we were mistaken. The issues we have had are simply absurd as has been the postal services’ response to our complaints.

Over the years we have watched the service provided by the USPS decline. This is just another unfortunate example of how we can no longer rely on our mail system the way we once did.

We have found a new mailbox service near the county recorder that we are confident will resolve these issues.

Apologies for the multiple address changes, but know that we are making these changes to ensure quality service! EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, please begin using the following for all correspondence and filings for SF, Marin, and Alameda counties:

1714 Franklin Street #100-304
Oakland, CA 94612

Addresses for our NY and LA offices remain the same.


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