Update – Corona Virus Closures

We have limited access to the County Clerk’s office and access to some of the onsite databases. We can search UCC, Fed tax, State Tax, judgment liens and property in all five Boroughs. We can also search Supreme Court in Manhattan, Richmond and Bronx.

Alameda court (civil/criminal) has notified us that they will be open starting Monday 4/27. They will allow one person in at a time for 15 minutes. This isn’t a lot of time, but we’ll work as efficiently as we can. Copies may not be available.

San Francisco, Marin and Contra Costa courts have varying levels of limited access. We are in touch with several court employees and will provide more details as we get them

For the most part we still have full access to the County Recorders for the Bay Area jurisdictions that we cover.

LA & Orange County Clerks are still showing closed with no ETA
Orange County Court will be open on Monday 04/27 we hope. LA County Court is closed till May 12th as of last notice.

We obviously have some catching up to do and will process requests in the order received. We appreciate your patience during this transition!

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