New York Weather

02/02/11 – So the weather in NY is once again showing us whose boss, today there is snow, sleet, freezing rain and now just plain old rain. Since our post-Christmas blizzard of 2010 we have had record snow fall making January 2011 the reigning champion for snow fall in any January since records have been kept. It missed being the snowiest month ever by 1 inch which means February 2010 still holds the tile for snowiest month. I’m happy about that and a bit partial to February because it’s my birthday month making it my favorite 🙂

As you can imagine, getting around the City to all the courts and consulates, etc. has been a bit tough but we are managing and our turn around time has not suffered one bit. Even though there are many complaints about our public transportation system, it really is the only way to travel at times like these. It makes it possible to operate and not allow the weather to disrupt normal business that much.

Today is in fact Groundhog Day and Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow today so it looks like there will be an early spring – I love that little rodent!! It also looks like he spared Mayor Bloomberg’s finger.

Stay warm everyone!!

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