Court hours

The courts have been rearranging their hours again.  For awhile, all San Francisco courts were closing at noon on Fridays.  It looks like they are now going to try to spread that out a little and close at 4pm every day.  This shouldn’t affect service too much, but is something to be aware of.  Offsite civil files are $10 per file for delivery and take about a week to arrive.

Alameda courts now close at 2:30 every day.  Offsite files now cost $10 per file for delivery and can take a week or so to arrive.

Marin courts have also changed their hours.  They are now open until 3:30 every day – a big improvement over 12:30!  There are still delays in ordering files.  Onsite files ordered by noon can generally arrive the following day.  Those ordered after noon will arrive the day after (2 days).  Offsite files take about 2-3 days for delivery and cost $5 per file.  Warehouse files are delivered each Friday regardless of when they are ordered.

As most courts are short staffed and we are dependent on clerks for copies (there are no public copiers in the buildings and files cannot be removed from the room), there can be delays in obtaining copies.  If a request is only a few pages, copies can usually be obtained on the spot.  If a request is larger, it can take from a few days to weeks depending on clerk’s availability and copy jobs that may precede our orders.

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